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Beautiful images for your most precious moments

Your baby will never be as tiny as they are when they are first born. documenting all of their gorgeous little features is so special and a newborns photo's are something that will be treasured for years to come. The best time to do a newborn shoot is within the first two weeks of the baby being born, however a newborn shoot can be done at any age up to 8 weeks of age. I am very aware of newborn safety and all of the images I create are created in a warm and safe environment. Your newborn session can be held in my purpose built cabin which is fully equipped for a newborn session with the full selection of my hand picked props and layers. As a mother of 3 children I also understand just how overwhelming going out with a newborn can be so I also offer an in-home session. With the in-home session I will bring a selection of my props and backdrops to your own home. I absolutely love personalizing my newborn session so be sure to tell me all about yourselves and let me know if you have anything special you would like to include in your newborns portraits.


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Composite Images

Any photo where you think "how did she do that?" is probably created in photo shop using two or more images. Like I said above Baby safety is so important and there really is no need to ever put your baby in danger in order to create some beautiful art. I hand make all of my own props and can customize your composite images to your own chosen locations, below are some of the images I have created using the composite image technique, in all of these images baby was always photographed safely on a bean bag inside and or had thier mothers hands on them at all times. 

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